Our Aussie PVC strip doors are tough, easy to clean and look great

Custom-built and standard strip doors are the ideal way to:
Conveniently Separate Two Distinct Workspaces

  • Promote Easy And Safe Traffic Flow Between Two Areas
  • Suitably Control Environmental Influences, E.G. Dust, Pests, Air Temp, Etc.
  • Save Money On Heating And Cooling Bills

Strip Doors: Engineering Performance

All Strip Doors products are designed, engineered and assembled in Australia. We use durable materials of the highest quality to ensure your product endures harsh Australian environments and rough conditions for many years. Standard door sizes and a selection of options are available for direct purchase online, including printed strip doors, however, the team at Strip Doors are always available to help match the best solution to your doorway environment and function for the best performance result. That’s why most quote requests lead us to a phone conversation with you to find out exactly what you need. Plus, if you need help, we’ll share our advice on what we’d recommend as the best strip door option – for price, reliability and durability. Strip Doors customers are delighted by our professional service, great prices, quality workmanship, and prompt turnaround and delivery times. Feel free to get in touch with the team at Strip Doors for more information.

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