Strip Door Sizes

Regular and other strip door sizes.

For the purpose of ordering your door product online with Strip Doors, a regular door has a height of 3000mm or less and can be up to 1800mm wide.
For door dimensions that fall outside these measurements, i.e. your door is taller than 3000mm and wider than 1800mm it’s easy to simply arrange and order via our Request A Quote form.

Feel free to Contact us if you have a question about your door size or, even easier, just enter a comment in the space provided when you Request A Quote.

We construct industrial-strength PVC strip curtains to contain the workplace hazards of arc welding and steel fabrication.

Metal arc welding discharges both harmful radiation and burning projectiles. Installing a physical safety barrier, such as a PVC strip curtain, is a sensible approach. Screening around welding workshops and production lines protects nearby workers and passers-by from injury.


The high energy of electric arc welding creates extreme heat – to melt and join two pieces of metal. Electromagnetic radiation is also liberated at the ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB), visible light and infrared wavelengths.


A specific PVC material designed for welding curtains, prevents eye damage to nearby workers from the harmful light rays emitted. Visible blue light and UV radiation can damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Visible glare and infrared radiation cause headaches, plus cataracts long term.


Stray sparks and molten particles, that can burn unprotected skin or cause fires, are effectively blocked from entering nearby areas by installing a protective PVC welding curtain. The strips also shield against radiation and convection heat.


We use SCREENFLEX® PVC material for producing custom welding curtains. This soft PVC meets the strict safety and protection requirements of the European Standard EN1598 for strips used in welding settings. These transparent red strips offer safe visibility into welding workstations.


The European Standard EN1598 (1997) upholds the technical safety requirements of transparent welding curtains, strips and screens used in welding arc processes; to protect people in the immediate vicinity of dangerous arcs, rays and projections.


In addition to transmission, refection and UV stability safety requirements, the EN1598 Standard ensures that welding curtain material is extremely resistant to combustion. In fact, a flame held to burn the special PVC strip material will self-extinguish within one second of being removed.

Welding-compliant PVC strip curtains for high danger arc welding and MIG welding areas such as:

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