Strip Door Sizes

Regular and other strip door sizes.

For the purpose of ordering your door product online with Strip Doors, a regular door has a height of 3000mm or less and can be up to 1800mm wide.
For door dimensions that fall outside these measurements, i.e. your door is taller than 3000mm and wider than 1800mm it’s easy to simply arrange and order via our Request A Quote form.

Feel free to Contact us if you have a question about your door size or, even easier, just enter a comment in the space provided when you Request A Quote.

Strip Colour

How to select the right STRIP COLOUR

Colour selection is generally for visual appeal or brand association, but in some applications, the following colour recommendations may help:

  • Clear strips offer normal light penetration and great visibility. They tend to show dirt in high traffic locations and may require cleaning from time to time.
  • Yellow, red, green and blue tinted strips offer a colour glow upon light penetration, good to reasonable visibility and don’t show dirt as much as the clear strips.
  • Dark smoke strips don’t allow as much light to penetrate through, have lower visibility and, of all the colours available, show the least dirt and, therefore, don’t need cleaning as often.

Coloured or tinted strips are only available as 75mm wide and 1.5mm thickness with flat or ribbed surfaces. Clear strips are available in all widths, thicknesses and surfaces.

Strip Width

How to choose the right STRIP WIDTH

PVC strips are 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 300mm wide.

  • The 75mm wide strips are typically used for regular domestic, shop and restaurant doorways, with light to medium traffic flow, and when weather and wind impacts are not an issue.
  • 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wide strips are mainly used for larger doorways or cold rooms, freezers, fridge displays, trolley traffic, low pallet truck traffic, high pedestrian traffic, warehouse doorways etc.
  • The 300mm wide strips suit tall wide doorways with heavy commercial traffic such as pallet trucks and forklifts, or exposure to strong winds and other environmental pressures.

Strip Thickness

How to select the right STRIP THICKNESS

PVC strips are 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm or 5mm thick.

  • The lightweight 1.5mm thickness is used for door heights of 3000mm or less, such as regular doorways, house doors or light duty traffic flow, and when weather and wind impacts are not an issue.
  • The mid-weight 2.0mm thickness is more durable and generally used for commercial and industrial environments with high pedestrian traffic, trolley access, and also cool rooms and open fridge displays for better temperature control
  • The heavy-weight 3mm and 5mm thicknesses are strong and used for heavy commercial and industrial access including motorized pallet trucks and forklift traffic, and also cold/freezer rooms.

Strip Surface

How to choose the right STRIP SURFACE i.e. Ribbed or Flat?

The ribbed strip surface is more durable to impacts as it provides a thicker impact point than flat PVC. The ribs also help to reduce drag, scratches and general wear.

Further, ribbed strips are highly recommended for humid, wet environments and for cold room, freezer and low-temperature applications. Moisture and condensation can cause flat PVC strips to stick or freeze together. In short, the ribs stop strips from sticking together, therefore allowing easier and safer traffic flows for these applications.

Although flat strip surfaces may stick together with moisture and are less resistant to damage, the clean slick look and high visibility appeals for open fridge displays and product displays.

Strip Temperature

How to choose the right STRIP PVC TEMPERATURE GRADE

PVC Grade is important when you’re looking for a strip door for cold room or freezer applications.

Depending on your cooling needs, there are two types of hard-wearing PVC strip material available for wide temperature ranges:

Normal Grade PVC is rated 2°C to +50°C
Freezer Grade PVC is rated  5°C to -50°C

Freezer grade PVC contains special plasticizers that prevent it from cracking and breaking at extremely low temperatures. This PVC strip is available in a clear strip of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm or 300mm widths.

Strip Head Section

How to select the right strip door HEAD SECTION

Head sections are generally selected based on your strip door’s application.

We have three different head sections or hanging systems available:     

1.  Removable aluminum head section, 45mm (h) x 20mm (d)

A popular choice for retail shop fronts, domestic applications and cool rooms; strip doors with this type of head section are easy to hang and easily removed at the end of each day for storage. This head section is made of anodized aluminum with the PVC door strips securely stapled to a rigid PVC insert. Mounting this strip door to your doorway is via figure-of-eight holes in the head section that precisely fit over mounting screws provided.

2.  Fixed or bolted aluminum head section, 65mm (h) x 40mm (d) x 3mm (thick)

Ideal for strip doors spanning larger doorways with heavy traffic and, therefore, may require replacement of individual damaged or worn strips. This head section is made of right-angled anodized aluminum with PVC door strips securely bolted on using stainless steel nuts, bolts and washers, that allow for easy replacement of individual strips. The strip door is generally attached to the doorway using suitable fixings for the mounting surface and weight of the strip door, such as rivets or tech screws.

3.  Hook-on stainless steel head section, 30mm (h) x 30mm (d)

A sturdy, easy-to-use hanging system for heavy-duty strip doors. A good option for strip doors that need frequent removal for cleaning—simply ‘hook on’ and ‘hook off’—or for regular strip replacements due to heavy motorized traffic. Furthermore, the stainless-steel construction is resistant to the harsh cleaning agents used in some industries. These PVC strips come sandwiched between two hook-on stainless steel plates that neatly and easily hang over strong hooks on the stainless-steel head section. The strip door is generally attached using suitable fixings for the mounting surface and weight of the strip door, such as rivets or tech screws.


Your order will be shipped within 1 business day of placing your order. The delivery cost will be calculated exactly when you check out, based on where you live and the size of your door. As a rule, the delivery cost to Metro areas will be approximately $25.00 for the average size door.


If you’re not 100% satisfied with your strip door purchase, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order to discuss whether you qualify for a full refund or exchange. We cannot accept returns of custom-made strip doors. If you ordered the wrong size, colour or other component for your strip door, we’re happy to help you rectify this. Out-of-pocket expenses and return shipping will be covered by you. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging.

We construct industrial-strength PVC strip curtains to contain the workplace hazards of arc welding and steel fabrication.

Metal arc welding discharges both harmful radiation and burning projectiles. Installing a physical safety barrier, such as a PVC strip curtain, is a sensible approach. Screening around welding workshops and production lines protects nearby workers and passers-by from injury.

Heat and Radiation

The high energy of electric arc welding creates extreme heat – to melt and join two pieces of metal. Electromagnetic radiation is also liberated at the ultraviolet light (UVA and UVB), visible light and infrared wavelengths.

Protect eyes from arcs

A specific PVC material designed for welding curtains, prevents eye damage to nearby workers from the harmful light rays emitted. Visible blue light and UV radiation can damage the cornea and conjunctiva. Visible glare and infrared radiation cause headaches, plus cataracts long term.

Protect skin from burns

Stray sparks and molten particles, that can burn unprotected skin or cause fires, are effectively blocked from entering nearby areas by installing a protective PVC welding curtain. The strips also shield against radiation and convection heat.


We use SCREENFLEX® PVC material for producing custom welding curtains. This soft PVC meets the strict safety and protection requirements of the European Standard EN1598 for strips used in welding settings. These transparent red strips offer safe visibility into welding workstations.

EN1598 Criteria

The European Standard EN1598 (1997) upholds the technical safety requirements of transparent welding curtains, strips and screens used in welding arc processes; to protect people in the immediate vicinity of dangerous arcs, rays and projections.

Non-flammable PVC

In addition to transmission, refection and UV stability safety requirements, the EN1598 Standard ensures that welding curtain material is extremely resistant to combustion. In fact, a flame held to burn the special PVC strip material will self-extinguish within one second of being removed.

Welding-compliant PVC strip curtains for high danger arc welding and MIG welding areas such as: