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Strip Door Sizes

Regular and other strip door sizes.

For the purpose of ordering your door product online with Strip Doors, a regular door has a height of 3000mm or less and can be up to 1800mm wide.
For door dimensions that fall outside these measurements, i.e. your door is taller than 3000mm and wider than 1800mm it’s easy to simply arrange and order via our Request A Quote form.

Feel free to Contact us if you have a question about your door size or, even easier, just enter a comment in the space provided when you Request A Quote.

Enhance your restaurant or food outlet with a PVC strip door

When you have customers to impress, the simple addition of easy-access PVC strip doors across your key doorways is often what makes all the difference…


PVC strip curtains provide a physical barrier to ensure that pests—such as birds, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths attracted to kitchen lights, foods and cooking smells—are kept away from your restaurant or kitchen area.


Flexible overlapped strips of lightweight PVC allow your wait staff—carrying plates of hot food, or empty dishes—to move seamlessly through the doorway.


With a strip curtain in place, cooking smells, loud noises and chatter coming from your kitchen will be minimized and your customers will enjoy their meals in peace and quiet.


Allow your staff to move between the kitchen and restaurant safely and easily by being able to see people and objects through your PVC strip door.

High-quality PVC strip doors for entrances and internal door ways of:

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