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Strip Door Sizes

Regular and other strip door sizes.

For the purpose of ordering your door product online with Strip Doors, a regular door has a height of 3000mm or less and can be up to 1800mm wide.
For door dimensions that fall outside these measurements, i.e. your door is taller than 3000mm and wider than 1800mm it’s easy to simply arrange and order via our Request A Quote form.

Feel free to Contact us if you have a question about your door size or, even easier, just enter a comment in the space provided when you Request A Quote.

Welcome your customers with a new PVC strip door entry

Invite your customers into your clean, fresh shop—set at the perfect shopping temperature—and simply help them buy away. For a satisfying retail experience that makes all the difference.


Flexible overlapped strips of temperature-graded PVC will allow your staff—carrying or moving items—to move seamlessly through the doorway.


Smart use and design of PVC strip doors, in workspaces that require chilled or stable internal air temperatures, will improve energy conservation, lower cooling costs and extend product shelf life.

FROM -50°C TO + 50°C

Depending on your cooling needs, we have two types of hard-wearing PVC strip material for a wide temperature range: Normal Grade PVC 2°C to +50°C and Freezer Grade PVC -50°C to +5°C

High-quality PVC strip doors for entrance ways and access to:

We also make strip curtains for your open fridge or chilled display.

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